About the Artist

Paulette Gautier was born in London, England, but spent most of her childhood and teenage years in beautiful Provence, France.

Paulette was already drawing the human form at the age of eight. Her early enthusiasm and artistry were inspired and encouraged by her frequent visits to the museums of fine art in Europe. Her fascination with classical painting has led her to study the methods and techniques of the old masters. She is especially fond of William Bouguereau, Lord Frederick Leighton, John William Godward and John Singer Sargent whose works she has studied closely.

Paulette is primarily self-taught. In addition to years of concentrated, independent study to master her craft, she trained in classical realism for seven years attending the workshops of renowned master portraitist Frank Covino.

Paulette uses the underpainting technique employed by the masters since the Renaissance. It is done in monochrome values similar to a black and white photo. Then layers of transparent oil glazes are applied over these gray-green values called verdaccio. The glazes give the work luminosity and translucency, while the underpainting enhances skin tones to create high realism. This manner of painting, layering so-called fat over lean, combined with the careful application of marbled gesso to the panel surface produces art of the highest quality and durability that is not obtainable with other painting methods.

Through her skillful use of form, color and brushwork she breaths life into her paintings. Paulette is noted for her exceptional ability to capture the personality and expression of her subject. Her paintings are peaceful, enchanting, and romantic and reflect a lovely blending of realism and impressionism.
Portraiture has always been her very favorite subject but she also enjoys painting floral still life’s. She is equally adept in oil, pastel and pencil.

Paulette has been a professional artist for twenty years creating fine art portraits for private clients in the United States and abroad. She receives numerous requests for commissions every year be it family portrait or a copy of a master.

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