I work primarily from photographs taken as references, although I sometimes work from existing photographs.

The initial meeting takes place at my studio where we discuss such details as pose, clothing, setting, medium to be used size of painting and date for a photo session. These factors will determine the price These things can also be discussed over the phone, if necessary.

A series of photos is taken or if the setting is complex a professional photographer is used. If hired, the photographer is paid on this day by the client and would be an additional fee. An appointment is set up to review photos.

Photos are reviewed;
The final fee will be determined at this time and a contract is signed. 50% of the fee is due at this time.

The under painting is presented to the client for approval; changes, if any, will be discussed at this time.

The completed painting is presented. The final payment or balance is due at this time upon acceptance of the painting.


*Prices are approximate depending on the complexity of the painting. For example, intricate background or lace on clothing. Each additional person in the same painting would increase the price by 50% over the above quoted fees.

Framing and shipping expenses are additional costs.
If painting is to be shipped, slides will be sent prior to dispatch for client’s approval of the painting.


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